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Update, May 26, 2020

With everything else that is going on in our lives, it is certainly unwelcomed, unpleasant, and disconcerting to have developer Felix Charney back in our face again...

Charney had his attorney, Tim Holister, bully his way to an early appearance before the the Planning and Zoning Commission set for May 28th at 5:00 PM. You can view the meeting live on the website HERE.

This is an electronic meeting, where he will once more make a repeat of the pitch that has been made unsuccessfully by Summit Saugatuck (Under all its name changes) for the past 17 years. Too many times to count, too many applications beyond reason, and too many actions sprung from parasitic greed. Now it has reached a point of malicious harassment.

Summit is applying for permission to construct a private sewer extension involving three streets: Davenport Avenue, Hiawatha Lane, and Hiawatha Lane Extension... and two public streets... and one private street... snd still 187 rental units... and 350 additional vehicles.

The Public "Meeting" Notice Agenda from the Planning and Zoning Commission is one of the most important notices yet for SOS, and has four important points which I have summarized here. 

Please read, and re-read, and call me with any question or concern. Your help is critical at this point. We have the capacity.

1.  The public meeting is electronic. No high energy human-gathering at Westport Town Hall this time.

2.  The March 28th public meeting is legally different from the more familiar format of a public "hearing".

3.  No public comment will be made verbally as part of the meeting at the actual time of the meeting: only written communications through e-mail, or petition, or signed letters that reach the P and Z Offices before May 28th, noon. If you elect to email your comment, send to:

4.  The meeting starts at 5:00 PM and the first item on the agenda is Summit's presentation, which is scheduled for 20 minutes.

No matter which form of communication you chose, the same single sentence, below, will work perfectly:


Honorable Commissioners,

Please reject/deny the 8-24 application before you, submitted by Summit Saugatuck, for a "main-line sanitary sewer extension" on property from Davenport Avenue to Hiawatha Lane and Hiawatha Lane Extension.

Agenda Item: #1 on the May 28, 2020 meeting.


Once again, please let me know you’ve sent a message so I can stay on top of the count. Our count is the critical replacement for our presence.

Call me with any questions or concerns.



Our resistance continues ~ Save Old Saugatuck was formed in 2003 to stop Felix Charney, of Summit Saugatuck LLC, from destroying an historic Westport, CT neighborhood. His development plans will encompass every one of these streets: Ferry Lane West, Hiawatha Lane, Indian Hill Road, Davenport Ave.,  Heritage Court, Dr. Gillette Circle, Hiawatha Lane Extension, and West End Avenue. 

Charney is trying to convince the Westport Conservation Commission that land on Hiawatha Lane Extension is suitable for 187 units of rental housing, and that there is no problem with water, existing wetlands and watercourses in this area, when in fact, it is totally unsuitable for any plan that calls for a combined total of five, three, and four-story buildings. 

This area has long been recognized as an area of wetlands, that is frequently saturated with water, and historically has severely limited building permitted. 

We are encouraging friends, neighbors and concerned citizens to please share pictures of the flooding that already steadily occurs with the overflow of waterways going through the Hiawatha Lane Extension area.... or any other items you feel relevant... and all are invited to share their present stories and remembrances of this area when it was considered “swampland.  

If you have any questions or want to know how you can lend further support or help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s achieve one more victory for ourselves in our 15-year fight to Save Old Saugatuck.



Carolanne Curry


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