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UPDATE on the 4/27 Westport P and Z Meeting:

Neighbors, Residents, Home-owners, Renters, Friends, and Supporters of Save Old Saugatuck/SOS,

The April 25th P and Z meeting was quite a closer!

The six-month saga that started last November with a proposed development presented to Westport P and Z for 187 of rental apartments in five buildings on one of the smallest streets in Westport... Hiawatha Lane Extension, has ended on a high note for SOS.

There were some surprising missteps on Summit’s part.

That is:
Not only did Attorney Tim Hollister (Summit's attorney) suggest at one point that I was lying, he also chose to bully the P and Z commissioners with a ten-minute rant on why they must approve this 8-30g application for 187 rental units.

Additionally, Hollister himself was called out for quoting and attributing statements made by the Westport Fire Marshal that were not true. He was called out by the Fire Marshal himself.

Also, the P and Z Chairman allowed more public comment to be submitted last night because of all the last minute materials submitted by Summit. Immediately Attorney Hollister objected because public comment was suppose to have ended with the April 11th meeting. Just as immediately, the Chair over-ruled him.

I have no doubt the Commissioners did not accept that I had given any false information, but they wanted to give me the opportunity to respond to Hollister because they did not want only his accusation be on the record without my response as well.

Let’s just say that without raising my voice, I channeled the anger and frustration that all of us in the SOS effort have felt for so many years in responding to Hollister’s accusation and his behavior in general.

Gloria Gouveia of Land-Use Consultants also did a stunning job for SOS in her presentation, which exposed fundamental flaws to Summit’s plan for 187 rental units.

It was with a wonderful relief to hear the P and Z Chair formally close the meeting, letting us know that within the next 65 days, a decision to accept or reject would be given.

I feel very hopeful that their decision will be to reject this proposal. We will certainly be at the decision-making meeting no matter when it is within the next 65 days.

And at this point, a huge thank you to everyone for every bit of support and encouragement given to SOS through these many years.

The final act will be determined if there is any, by court action. I'll let you know.

Any thoughts or suggestions on your part....let me know.

Your continued support is appreciated.
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Our resistance continues ~ Save Old Saugatuck was formed in 2003 to stop Felix Charney, of Summit Saugatuck LLC, from destroying an historic Westport, CT neighborhood. His development plans will encompass every one of these streets: Ferry Lane West, Hiawatha Lane, Indian Hill Road, Davenport Ave.,  Heritage Court, Dr. Gillette Circle, Hiawatha Lane Extension, and West End Avenue. 

Charney is trying to convince the Westport Conservation Commission that land on Hiawatha Lane Extension is suitable for 187 units of rental housing, and that there is no problem with water, existing wetlands and watercourses in this area, when in fact, it is totally unsuitable for any plan that calls for a combined total of five, three, and four-story buildings. 

This area has long been recognized as an area of wetlands, that is frequently saturated with water, and historically has severely limited building permitted. 

We are encouraging friends, neighbors and concerned citizens to please share pictures of the flooding that already steadily occurs with the overflow of waterways going through the Hiawatha Lane Extension area.... or any other items you feel relevant... and all are invited to share their present stories and remembrances of this area when it was considered “swampland.  

If you have any questions or want to know how you can lend further support or help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s achieve one more victory for ourselves in our 15-year fight to Save Old Saugatuck.



Carolanne Curry 


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